September 29, 2017

About Us

“By focusing on customer service, JHOOKER Construction Services provides the most value to each project from the earliest design phase to years after the construction is complete.” ~John Hooker


Superior customer service starts with providing services that improve each project’s value. Services such as conceptual estimates, design reviews, timely schedules, and early procurement of essential building components allow the owner to make key decisions early on that enhance their final project. During the design and construction phases, a partnership between the building owner, the design team and JHOOKER is critical when customer expectations are identified and solutions are created to meet and exceed those requirements. “Customer service is essential during construction because this is when we take the owner’s expectations and turn them into reality,” states John Hooker. The process of examining and selecting the most effective means and methods in constructing a project is constantly reviewed. Through high standards of quality, JHOOKER Construction Services has proven to provide the best built projects that ensures the most value for their customers.